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Make Sleep, Study and Play Easy with a Cabin Bed

Make Sleep, Study and Play Easy with a Cabin Bed

Space is a premium if you have kids. Their things easily pile up. You probably wonder how such a small person can accumulate so much stuff. Well, think about all those gifts from birthdays and Christmases and other special occasions. Add to that, the usual shopping trips, and boom, you have a room full of stuff and no place for your child to comfortably sleep, study, or play. The perfect solution for your space needs is a cabin bed.

A cabin bed or a loft bed is not your ordinary bed. It is composed of several parts that allow your child to sleep, play, study, and store his things in one of the many storage units connected to the bed.

The bed is the most important part of this furniture. You can choose from a low bed that has the other parts built around it or a high bed with the other structures built below it. Some beds are equipped with ladders. If you are scared that your child is too young to use one, then opt for a lower bed. Some beds are equipped with slides to make going down easy and fun. All high sleepers have frames built around the bed itself to protect your child from falling while he or she is asleep.


There are cabin beds that come with a study desk. These may or may not be connected to the bed itself. Some desks can be rolled under the bed when study time is over. Some are just connected to the side of the bed. These desks have additional storage space for your kid’s school supplies. They come equipped with drawers and spaces for a laptop, personal computer, and printer. Everything your child needs in order to finish his or her schoolwork in no time can be placed and stored on this desk.


Cabin beds are good investments because they incorporate a lot of things into one compact package. Playtime won’t be such a hassle anymore for moms and dads who need to clean up after their kids. Teach your children to keep their rooms neat by showing them where to keep their toys, books, and art supplies.  Some cabin beds come with drawers, boxes, bins, and other storage units in almost all parts so you are sure to have a place for everything.

Cabins come in different shapes and sizes. All of them have both form and function. Some have themes while others are very basic and simple. Consider your child’s age when getting a cabin bed. You can opt for a themed bed that your child will eventually outgrow or you can choose a simple one that he or she can use for several years. Each type has its own pros and cons. Remember to make your child a part of the decision-making process so that you can both be happy with your final choice.

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